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About us

About us

The Company, founded in June 2012, is engaged in the rental buses and cars and integrates these activities by providing assistance and support in the area of tourism services.

Although newly established, our company was founded upon twenty years of experience in this area by the administrator and only shareholder Rossana Buonocore, who represents the third generation involved in the transport field.

The experience gained over the years, has let Mrs. Bonocore to create a customer satisfaction company oriented, whether we would be considering school tourism, religious or business, and making quality and courtesy her point of force. The attention is mainly addressed to the identification of more innovative services, in order to meet or anticipate customer demand.

Therefore the company has developed an highly specialized technical area with high professionality by the staff to maximize customer satisfaction. In particular, our driving staff has an yearly experience in this field of transport and provides an effective interface between our company and the customer. Itself is involved into the development and organization of the services, to ensure that all solutions proposed from time to time meet our customers expectations. Our organization is available to analyze and, if necessary, support enquiries for transport services both national and international.

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